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Get familiar with office Laws In UAE

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Get familiar with office Laws In UAE

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There are a bundle of things that people still have to be familiar with the labor laws in UAE. This is because sometimes we assume that we are being scammed by our employers or the corporations we work for. This can only be evaded in one case and that is nothing much but knowing the laws correctly or UAE Dubai employment law. If you know them previously, you would not get troubled by anything new that strikes you concerning the laws and regulations in UAE.

Can the employers subtract anything from your salary?

No! The employers can not at all deduct your salary if they have to resolve the arrears of the third party. If you are the one who has to pay some kind of arrears to the employers you were working within the past and your wife is still working with that employer, no deduction can occur to your wife at all until or unless she provides her approval to that. If she doesn’t, nothing can get removed as per the law.

Improvement of Advances

If any kind of advances is to be recovered from the employee, the payment can be cut. It is to be noted here that the amount of deduction cannot go beyond from 10 per cent of period remuneration.

Insurance as well as Social Schemes

The pay of the worker can be cut only if it is consistent with the prevailing law. If the law permits it, the pay can be cut otherwise, it cannot. For the sake of diverse social and insurance schemes, the pay of the workers gets deducted. There is an appropriate percentage of the pay that gets deducted in this case and the employees are prepared fully aware of it as well.

Savings Fund

If the employees wish for contributing to the savings fund, their pay will get deducted as of such contributions.

Welfare Schemes

There are a set of welfare schemes you might come across. If these welfare schemes are accepted by the employment department of your corporation, you can go for them and your pay will get abstracted because of them.


If an employee infringes any rule of their workplace or if they commend any offence in the office, an exacting amount of fine will get forced on to them. Some amount of their pay will get deducted as a consequence of the imposition of that fine.

Payable Debt

If a person is a defaulter and the court of the law has prepared them to pay the debt by taking the aid of their pay, then the pay will get deducted. The abstracted amount will be utilized to pay back the amount to the individual the debt was taken from.

If you know the laws you will get fewer troubles in your life. You can always confer with a good labor or  family lawyers Dubai UAE for better advice and for knowing your legal rights.