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Legal Services In Dubai

Being a part of the seven Emirati States in the UAE, Abu Dhabi has developed into a business hub. People from all around the world have made it their go-to destination spot,

Legal Services In Dubai

BBeing the most famous and prominent city in the world, Dubai is an international Business hub for every business and any company. It is the part of the seven city states of the UAE, and as an Emirati state, it is the most famous hub for major transport and cargo.

Most of the economy is driven by its substantial revenue, which they generate from aviation, real estate, tourism, and other financial services. Apart from this, Dubai has also attracted its economy from oil to becoming a flourishing business and investment hub.

According to the World Economic Forum, Dubai is the second in number of the safest country in the world. Apart from this, Dubai is also known for the tourists it attracts, and it has the largest immigrant population.

With everything going on in Dubai, related to its businesses and other investments, the need for legal authority and legal procedures is extremely necessary. That is why Dubaiadvocate.ae is an established firm to help its clients in various cases and legal procedures. Just like every other country, Dubai has its own legal jurisdiction, and system.

Dubaiadvocate.ae has expert advocates, and lawyers who have more than 30 years of experience to help their clients overcome any difficult situation. We provide our expertise in cases such as, civil cases, labor law, intellectual property, tax consultation, criminal cases, arbitration, and litigation.

Labor Law

The labor law has been established, so that it outlines the advices in retirement benefits, protection of labor, relationship shared by employees and employers. Our advocates understand the particulars of labor law in an organization.

Civil Law

The civil law defines the rights of individuals; it helps to regulate conflicts and disputes between any two parties. Through civil law, dubaiadvocate.ae helps individuals to finish disputes like checque bounce, legal contracts, property matters, threatening, defamation, and family law. Lawyers at dubaiadvocate.ae ensure that all these things are covered and that no further problems are created.

Criminal Law

The Dubai law has a legal pattern, which prohibits any conduct that can be considered harmful to property, health, safety, and people. Criminal law includes crimes like drunk driving, property crimes, theft, domestic crimes, white collar crimes, weaponry crimes.  Our lawyers have a very good understanding of how everything goes about in the criminal cases.

Litigation and Arbitration

When filing a lawsuit in the court that is known as litigation, but before this, our advocates try to come to an agreement through arbitration. Although if that is not possible then the lawsuit is brought by the accuser against the defendant.


Our lawyers always handle the tax-related matters, of the expatriate, and our legal team of attorneys has more than 20 years of experience in handling such legal matters, related to tax. Consultation on income tax, tax returns, income from business, income tax from the property, income from capital gains, tax for the association of person is all tax-related matters, handled with expertise by our lawyers.

Intellectual property

Our legal attorneys are expert in all matters related to intellectual property such as patents, trademark, sourcing, copyrights, trade secrets and data privacy and security. We have made it our aim to make sure that we help our customers in every matter, and help them win their lawful right.

Real estate

Dubaiadvocate.ae has always made sure to maintain a good record of accomplishment related to all real estate’s matters such as the attainment of property, a succession of property, transfer of property and dialogues. As these matters are very delicate, thus we make sure that our advocates deal with the supreme expert manner.

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